caniblezambie135 hi my names dakota im 19, pregnant and yes im going to raise my son without his father. im a strong independ woman.

im 5'6 single and just happy at this point with what I've got.

theres always something going on in my life making things tougher but i try as hard as i can to blance things out.

Nobodies perfect and I'm no where near it myself I'm happy where I am with what's been thrown at me and I've become a stronger person. Here is where you enter text, info, about me, whatever, your page graphics, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.


The Ugliest Wedding Cakes: A sushi wedding cake? These wedding cakes are so bad you have to see them»


Trying to work out the number of serves in an irregular carved cake.


I honestly can’t stand people

My poor friend who had a hard time seeing as it is almost (almost being the key word) reversed his car into a white trash girls car. Now before you tell me how do you know? I grew up with this BITCH. She starts calling him a peace of shit and a wanna be abortion.
This is all over a car people.
She finally gets to my window and I see my friend a child and another older guy in the back of her peace of crap. I start asking her not to curse there are windows to other cars open. She proceeds to tell me to shut my mouth I’m not involved. So I took her money and without saying have a great day handed it to her.
She proceeds to then throw it back and scream that I threw it at her. “Your a fat stupid bitch. Throw your change at me again see how fast I knock your ass out” all I said was whatever and walked away.
I go to the front of the store tell the guys upfront to watch out for little mrs pms and go back to my other customers. She called my store about an hour later practically crying I threw money at her and she had witnesses. I told them to call her in.
Took another few hours (she went swimming first) then came in ready to view the tape. We get to me handing her the change my boss watching me place it in her hand watches her come out farther from her window and chuck it back. She watched me trying to close the window to.
This all happens with a child no more than 4 sitting in the backseat unbuckled.
She finally leaves and my boss lets it go. But honestly who really got her here today? A boy watching his mother find it ok to pick on somebody over weight. I watched him cover his ears. That boy should not be in that environment. I felt bad for him. I hope she realizes what she’s doing to him. One day she’ll realize.

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